intimus CD 1200 CRB-M

The banking, retail, supermarkets and gaming sectors and, ultimately, those sectors where there is a high volume of banknotes and coins, require equipment that automates current cash management processes which are still performed manually.

These units have management software that provides real-time information about cash operations performed and remote control of the equipment.

The intimus CD 1200 CRB-M is a cash deposit machine with a MEI bundle feeder, a built in slot for manual deposits and a 6mm steel plate safe.

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Speed (MEI validator) Single note feeder: 40 notes/minute Bundle feeder (up to 30 notes): 1.5 seconds/note
Security Safe box 6mm- thick safe; Certified CEN IV 40mm-thick safe; Dual key lockage: Certified mechanical and/or electronic locks Delay timer; Encrypted transactions
Communication Ethernet, GPRS
HW features Industrial embedded PC with Windows 6.4 touch screen Thermal printer
Envelope Deposit Slot Anti- shing system
Dimensions (H x W x D) & Weight 485x315x450 mm and 60 kg (intimus CD 1200 CRB); 700x315x450 mm and 105 kg (intimus CD 1200 CRB-M and intimus CD 1200 CRB-MCb); 670x385x515 mm and 195 kg (intimus CD 1200 CRB-H4)
Optional Sealing bag (MEI) Security cabinet for coins Barcode reader Anchorage plinth
Web service for data tracking Yes
Power Supply Voltage 220-240 V Frequency: 50-60 Hz 150W

Great cash deposit performances in a small cabinet

Self-service cash deposit device designed to make retail cash handling secure, ef cient and cost effective.

Repeated and time-consuming manual counting is eliminated and the risk of mistakes, shrinkage and waiting time is reduced to a minimum.

Automatic and immediate balance.

Electronic tracking and reporting of transactions and funds.

Secure on-site storage of banknotes.

Front of ce cash deposit system to be installed under the counter.

Counts and veri es every banknote deposited rejecting counterfeits.

Controlled by an embedded PC.