intimus Spectro

The Spectro product range from intimus is characterized by machines which enables the insertion of banknotes in a completely secure manner. The Spectro models keep track of all the cash operations made in the machine, in addition to a list of all activities.

  • Banknotes counter in rolls
  • Barcode reader
  • Security lock
  • Security Safe type UL 8mm or CEN IV
  • Electronic lock
  • Ticket printer
  • Envelope deposit
  • Drawer (escrow) for confirmation or cancellation of the deposit
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Banknotes deposit system characteristics

  • Validation functionalities: authentication, valuation and consolidation
  • Deposit capacity: Internal canvas bag of 2,500 to 10,000 banknotes. Option of thermally sealed bag system for 3,000 banknotes
  • Deposit speed up to 450 banknotes/min
  • Feeder for 500 banknotes, escrow of 200 banknotes and reject tray of 30 banknotes
  • 60 mm width thermal ticket printer
  • Deposit for envelopes via anti-phishing slot
  • 6.4” Touch screen

Security levels

The Spectro machines have locks with three different security levels: Power supply to electronic lock via CIT ID login, electronic lock with number combination and time delay opening; and mechanical lock with two keys.

  • 50 mm high anchoring system with four anchoring points into the floor
  • Digital security via encrypted transaction language
  • ID via touch screen keyboard, with bar code reader option, and specific ID for CIT personnel

Web Service

Through the web service, all information about the condition and operation of the automatic teller machines is available by a remote control of the systems, where at any time, the user can view the fill level of the machines.