Xanté IlluminaHWC

The ILUMINA Heavyweight Champion Digital Print System lets you elevate your in-house printing capabilities from the expected to the extraordinary. The complete digital solution allows users to print on a wider variety of media including extremely thick card stocks, textured stocks and more. The system is driven by the iQueue Ultimate Color Workflow that provides advanced print management, patented color correction tools and new file editing / setup tools.

Versatile and affordable 

Now you can afford to go digital and start meeting the demand for fast full color flyers, brochures, envelopes, mailers and cards. It also allows you to offer your customers additional print services like product packaging, POP displays, table tents, door hangers, paper bags, menus, oversized banners (up to 330mm x 1321mm) and more.

The complete digital solution is driven by the iQueue Ultimate Color Workflow that’s designed specifically for digital print systems. iQueue makes it easy to manage multiple digital files, make critical color adjustments, apply imposition, import variable data, estimate job costs and more.

Straight feed path provides more media options 

The ILUMINA Heavyweight Champion Digital Press features a unique straight media path design that allow users to feed extra heavy card stocks up to 500gsm (24 pt), textured stocks, most pre die-cut /perforated and even embossed blanks*. All printed output is laser safe.

LED printhead technology. Better color, better images

The ILUMINA Heavyweight Champion Digital Press utilizes high definition

LED printheads for superior images and stronger colors. Unlike traditional laser technology, there are no moving parts within the LED mechanism for greater reliability.

HD Color Printing technology

High Definition color is the standard for the ILUMINA Heavyweight Champion Digital Press. HD Color renders deeper, more saturated colors, finer detail and more precise toner placement than ordinary color printers. This unique color process includes:

Multilevel LED printheads control the amount of toner applied to each dot, preserving fine image detail and maximizing color fidelity.

HD Microfine toner is engineered to ensure printed documents are sharp and crisp, with a high-quality finish.

Single Pass Color™ technology enhanced to improve color registration, regardless of paper type and weight, and provides better toner transfer across a wider range of media types.