intimus AutoShred 400

intimus AutoShred 400 CP4


Up To 10

Up to 10 users

P-4 | Autofeed shredder featuring a maximum sheet capacity of 400 sheets and a waste bin capacity of 55 litres

Paper With Staples And Paper Clips
CDs DVDs Blu Rays
Plastic Cards

Shredding material:

  • Paper with staples and paper clips
  • CD / DVD / Blu-ray
  • Plastic card


Bid farewell to the tedious, time-consuming task of manual shredding with the introduction of the intimus AutoShred 400 CP4, your gateway to a new era of shredding efficiency and security. This state-of-the-art shredder is designed to revolutionize the way you destroy sensitive documents, offering a secure and fully automatic data shredding solution that caters to the modern office's needs.

With the capability to effortlessly handle up to 400 sheets in autofeed mode, the AutoShred 400 CP4 is a powerhouse, turning a mountain of documents into unreadable confetti in a matter of minutes. Its robust design incorporates advanced technologies to ensure a seamless shredding process from start to finish.

The shredder is equipped with integrated overheating protection and anti-paper jam protection technology. These features work in tandem to guarantee an uninterrupted operation for up to 240 minutes, allowing you to focus on more important tasks without the worry of frequent downtimes.

The AutoShred 400 CP4 boasts an automatic shutdown feature. Just 5 minutes after completing your shredding task, the machine will power down, conserving energy and reducing your office's carbon footprint.

Security is paramount in the design of the AutoShred 400 CP4. It features a lockable magazine with a customizable 4-digit code, providing an added layer of protection. This ensures that your documents are safeguarded against unauthorized access or removal, offering you peace of mind in the protection of your sensitive information.

The AutoShred 400 CP4 is versatile and robust, capable of shredding paper with staples and paper clips, credit cardsa and optical storage media, including CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays.


Watch the video of the 180 CP4 model from the intimus AutoShred product family:

(different specifications)

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  • Meets security level P-4 standards, compliant with DIN 66399 (ISO/IEC 21964) with a particle size of 4 x 12 mm.
  • Autofeed feature accommodates up to 400 sheets of 80 g/m² paper, including paperclips and staples.
  • Allows manual feeding of credit cards, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, and up to 10 sheets of 80 g/m² paper.
  • Capable of securely shredding credit cards and CDs.
  • Operates quietly with a noise level of 56 dB(A), ensuring a tranquil work environment.
  • The intuitive touch display enhances user experience with its innovative design, making operation simple and effortless.
  • Enhanced mobility facilitated by effortless movement on castors for added convenience.
  • Features a spacious and easily removable 55-litre waste bin, capable of holding up to 670 sheets of paper.
  • Automatic start/stop, overheat protection, bin full sensor, auto-reverse and clever anti-paper jam technology ensure uninterrupted operation for up to 240 minutes.
  • Automatically switches off after 5 minutes once the task is completed.
  • A 4-digit code protects the documents against unauthorized removal.

Area of application
Feed type
Manual, Automatic
Cutting size paper (mm x mm)
4 x 12
Cutting type paper
Cross cut
Cutting size media (mm)
Cutting type media
Strip cut
Security level ISO/IEC 21964 (DIN 66399)
Shredding material
Paper with staples and paper clips, CD / DVD / Blu-ray, Plastic card
Waste disposal solution
Removable plastic container
Intake width (mm)
Possible paper formats (DIN)
Sheet capacity (80g/m²)
up to 10
Sheet capacity (80g/m²) auto feed
up to 400
Cutting speed auto feed (80g/m²) mm/s
Bin volume (l)
Bin volume (sheets)
Max. operating time auto feed
240 min on / 45 min off
Noise level (idle operation) dB(A)
Power supply (V / Hz)
230 / 50
Product dimensions W x D x H (cm)
40 x 50 x 76
Product weight (kg)
Control operation
Touch display
Visual status indication for ...
Ready, Material jam, Overheat, Overload, Receptacle removed, Bin full, Top lid locked/unlocked
Automatic start/stop
Auto reverse
Automatic switch-off
Automatic switch-off after x min
Paper jam protection
Overheat protection
Lockable magazine
Bin full sensor
Bin full window
Certificates / Listings