intimus Hammer

  • Hard drives may be re-used – promoting better environmental stewardship
  • Verifies that the data has been removed
  • Generates a stored or printed audit trail
  • Useable as a stand-alone device or in connection with any standard PC (via USB)
  • Portable, stand-alone device delivers additional functionality when used with the CPR Toolbox software application (included).
Weight gross (kg): 0,5
Weight net (kg): 0,3
Width (cm): 10,5
Depth (cm): 10,6
Height (cm): 3,6
Information Erasure on Hard Disk Drivers - Secure Erase
Developed by hard disk drive (HDD) manufacturers, firmware-based Secure Erase is a standard technology embedded in most hard drives.
When activating this command with intimus Hammer SE / SES, the HDD is completely purged back to the original status, with all data eliminated. While the command is implemented, the HDD is assigned a random password that locks the drive down. It will not unlock until the Secure Erase procedure is complete. Secure Erase is faster, more secure, and far more energy-efficient than any software overwriting solution.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has established new standards for electronic media sanitization that ranks Secure Erase, like degaussing, at the highest security level that does not involve actual physical destruction.

The intimus Hammer SE / SES implements firmware-based erasure command to completely purge all data from hard drives.

These easy to use, one-step devices connect to up to four hard drives via standard cables and erases data at speeds up to 4.0 GB per minute – model SES can be connected to complete server racks with up to 30 hard drives.

For onsite data purging, the compact, portable products operate as stand-alone devices or connect to the CPR Toolbox software utility (included) for additional functionality.