Degaussing & Crushing

Magnetic data destruction

Degaussing & Crushing Solutions:

Data destruction solutions that rely on the physical destruction of hard drives and data tapes provide a high level of security suitable for most scenarios. However, certain authorities and organisations require a more thorough approach, requiring the complete erasure or microscopic destruction of magnetically stored information on hard disks or data tapes prior to disposal or physical destruction.

To achieve comprehensive erasure of data stored on magnetic media, the media must be exposed to strong magnetic fields, while ensuring the safety of people in the vicinity. This is where intimus comes in, offering a comprehensive range of user-friendly degausser systems that wipe out hard drives within seconds, making data recovery impossible.

For companies that require thorough documentation of hard drive erasure and disposal, the Auditor Pro systems offer a complete solution for hard drive erasure and verification.

In addition, these degaussers integrate seamlessly with the intimus 360 Crusher and intimus 360 Destroyer to physically destroy, bend and break SSDs and hard drives, including media and other internal components. This combination ensures compliance with the most stringent security standards.