Product Overview

The ultimate solution for secure destruction of confidential information:

Disintegrators are used where standard shredding technology reaches its limits. They can be used to reduce a wide variety of materials to the smallest particles or granules. The technology of the disintegrators meets even the highest safety requirements of industrial users, government agencies and banknote printers while at the same time providing high throughput. Quick-change screens offer the best possible flexibility. This makes it possible to instantly adjust the security level from P-3 to P-7.  

Our long-standing partners include central banks, security printers, intelligence agencies, the military and other government agencies from all over the world, as well as customers from industry and the waste disposal sector. The intimus Disintegrators are perfectly suited for the reliable and economical shredding of paper such as documents, banknotes, passports or ID cards and plastics such as smartcards CDs/DVDs or floppy disks. 

Disintegrators have a rotor made of solid material with screwed-on and easily regrindable blades made of high-quality tool steel. The material is fed into the shredding chamber from above through a funnel and cut there, as in a scissors, between the very fast rotating rotor blades (sitting on the rotor) and the fixed stator blades (mounted in the housing). Since the blades cut the material into undefined shapes and sizes, a sieve is required underneath the rotor to ensure that only particles of a certain size leave the machine. The particles remain in the cutting chamber until they are small enough to fit through the holes in the sieve.  

By installing a sieve with a larger or smaller hole diameter, the particle size produced can be changed in a few minutes and the safety level can be adjusted from P-3 to up to P-7. Intimus disintegrators are characterised by low vibration at high speeds, uniform load and low energy consumption.  

Invest in a disintegrator to ensure the security of your confidential information. With this powerful machine, you can destroy documents at the highest security level and protect the confidentiality of your information.