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Product Overview


Our high-quality home and office shredders offer the ideal solution for the secure disposal of your sensitive documents. Whether you work at home or in the office, protecting confidential information is of the utmost importance.

Our home and office shredders are specifically designed for use at home, in office environments or departments, and offer a variety of features that will thoroughly and securely destroy your documents. They can securely shred papers, credit cards, CDs and DVDs to ensure that no confidential information can be recovered.

Our devices are not only powerful, but also user-friendly. They have simple controls and can be easily integrated into your existing work environment. We offer a wide selection of office shredders that work quickly and quietly without taking up much space or getting in the way. So you can quickly destroy your confidential documents and get back to work without disturbing your colleagues with unnecessary noise.

With our home and office shredders, you can not only ensure the security of your confidential documents, but also protect your privacy and comply with government regulations. Invest in a high-quality shredder from intimus to ensure that your confidential information is permanently and irretrievably destroyed.