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You are already an old hand in the shredder business and security levels and particle sizes are no longer new territory for you? Then you can also easily use our comprehensive product overview in our catalog or particle sample book to see at a glance which products are suitable for which media, security levels and applications. This way you can quickly find out which intimus shredder fits your requirements.

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The appropriate bin volume for your shredder depends on several factors. First, ask how many people will be using the machine. The more people, the larger the bin volume should be.

At intimus we distinguish 5 categories:

  • Home / Small Office
    for up to 3 people with approx. up to 30 l
  • Office
    for up to 5 people with approx. up to 50 l 
  • Large Office
    for up to 10 people with approx. up to 120 l 
  • Department
    for up to 25 people with approx. up to 200 l 
  • Industrial
    Here you can find our large shredders for archives and central destruction. 

You should also consider how often a device is used by the users. If a shredder is only occasionally in use, then choose a device from the lower range of the recommended volume. If the unit is used frequently, lean more toward the upper range. If the shredder is used infrequently or very infrequently, then choose a device in the next lower category if necessary.

Shredders do not simply destroy, but are an indispensable tool for companies, institutions and private users to protect sensitive data. DIN 66399 (ISO/IEC 21964) creates clarity in data protection, specifies the variety of different data carriers and defines precise security standards for their proper destruction. This standard classifies seven different security levels and 6 types of material.

A distinction is made between:

  • (P) Paper media
    such as paper, films and print forms
  • (O) Optical media
    such as CDs/DVDs and Blu-ray discs
  • (T) Magnetic media
    such as floppy disks, magnetic tapes and ID cards with magnetic stripes
  • (E) Electronic media
    such as USB sticks, chip cards, SSDs, cell phones/tablets (without batteries), memory cards
  • (F) Microfilms
  • (H) Hard drives with magnetic data

The higher the number of the security level (1-7), the less likely it is that the destroyed disk can be reconstructed.

The cut types describe the type of particles that are created when a sheet of paper is shredded. In strip cut, a sheet is cut into several strips. In cross cut (also called particle cut), a sheet of paper is cut not only lengthwise but also crosswise, resulting in smaller particles.

An overview of various particles and safety levels, you will also find in our particle sample book. 

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With your intimus document shredder, you can easily destroy your data in paper form. Depending on the device, other media such as CDs, DVDs, floppy disks and plastic cards can also be destroyed. Many of our document shredders have separate collection bins for paper and media so that the different materials can be disposed separately in a simple and environmentally friendly manner. In our industrial shredders, even entire folders and books can be destroyed. We also have a wide range of products in the high-security sector, such as our disintegrators, which destroy media that must meet special security standards like banknotes and passports with high throughput at the same time. Our digital media shredders, granulators and degaussers destroy or erase digital data on SSDs and HDDs. Our intimus PacMaster is also a particularly sustainable device. It transforms old cardboard boxes into new high-quality packaging cushioning material.