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Our diverse product portfolio caters to all data destruction needs, offering a wide array of solutions tailored to various requirements. We rely on premium materials and carefully crafted quality from Germany.

Under the "Paper Destruction" category, we provide robust document shredders suitable for Home/Office, Autofeed, and Industrial settings, along with Disintegrators designed to handle large paper volumes at different security levels.

For comprehensive data security, our "Media Destruction" line features Industrial solutions, along with specialized options for securely destroying electronic media in office environments.

In the realm of sustainability, our "Cardboard Recycling" segment offers Cardboard Recyclers, promoting eco-friendly processing of carton waste.

Furthermore, our "Degaussing & Crushing" category showcases an assortment of Degaussers and Crushers, ensuring secure data erasure on magnetic tapes and physical destruction of data carriers.

Explore our extensive product range and trust in our versatility to meet your data destruction needs. 

Broad product portfolio

Discover our wide range of data security solutions

Streamlining the disposal of confidential documents:



Safeguarding sensitive information necessitates the secure disposal of confidential paper documents. Whether it pertains to corporate data, personal records, or business archives, meticulous disposal is paramount to thwarting misuse or potential data breaches.

Integrating technology, performance, and design seamlessly, intimus document shredders offer an optimal solution. With robust, precision-engineered components, our shredders boast extended durability. Our diverse range encompasses models suited for daily office and home office shredding, ensuring all needs are met. Additionally, we provide highly secure options compliant with industry standards like DIN 66399 or NSA 02/01.

Environmental consciousness is integral to our ethos. Our shredders boast a minimal ecological footprint, contributing to sustainability efforts. Furthermore, we prioritize low noise levels, fostering a comfortable work environment.

Complementing our office and home office offerings, we present a comprehensive selection of high-performance shredders for centralized paper destruction. These models deliver exceptional speed and throughput, catering to the distinct requirements of businesses, government entities, and organizations managing substantial document volumes.

Ensuring Secure Destruction of Digital Media:



As the utilization of digital media surges, numerous companies and organizations accumulate sizable inventories of outdated hard drives, flash memory, and other media housing sensitive data. Recognizing this imperative, intimus has curated an extensive array of physical media shredders tailored to securely obliterate such media, rendering data irretrievable. Our lineup encompasses shredders capable of shredding, crushing, and granulating physical media, guaranteeing data confidentiality.

Explore our diverse range of digital media destruction products designed for both office and industrial applications. From hard disks to optical discs, flash memory, and credit cards, we offer solutions to securely dispose of various media types.

Invest in a media shredder to safeguard the integrity of your confidential information. Our robust devices enable the destruction of SSDs, HDDs, and other digital media with the highest level of security, ensuring the confidentiality of your data remains uncompromised.

Transforming Cardboard into Sustainable Packaging:



Introducing groundbreaking cardboard recycling machines that revolutionize the concept of sustainable packaging solutions. These innovative systems epitomize the principles of the circular economy and environmental stewardship, offering pragmatic advantages across various industries.

At their core, these recycling machines breathe new life into discarded cardboard, transforming what was once deemed waste into reusable packaging materials. By diverting cardboard from landfills and repurposing it into packaging posters, this process not only minimizes environmental impact but also addresses the surging demand for eco-friendly packaging solutions.

The resulting packaging posters boast not only environmental benefits but also economic advantages. By repurposing cardboard into packaging materials, businesses can significantly slash packaging expenses while enhancing their eco-friendly profile. As consumers increasingly gravitate towards sustainability, this initiative garners support and appreciation.

Furthermore, these machines play a pivotal role in conserving natural resources by curbing the production of virgin board. By reusing and recycling existing materials, they contribute to forest preservation, diminish energy consumption, and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

In essence, cardboard recycling machines that yield packaging posters from waste cardboard present a win-win scenario for businesses and the environment alike. They embody a sustainable, cost-effective, and environmentally conscious approach to packaging materials, aligning perfectly with the global movement towards sustainability and circular economies. As we confront environmental challenges, these machines exemplify the synergy between innovation and sustainability.

Physical destruction of hard drives and data tapes provides a robust security solution suitable for many scenarios:



However, certain entities necessitate a more rigorous approach, mandating complete data erasure of magnetically stored information prior to disposal or physical destruction.

To achieve thorough data erasure on magnetic media, it's essential to subject the media to powerful magnetic fields while ensuring safety. This is where intimus steps in, offering a comprehensive array of user-friendly degausser systems. These systems swiftly wipe out hard drives, rendering data recovery impossible in seconds.

For companies requiring meticulous documentation of hard drive erasure and disposal, the Auditor Pro systems provide a holistic solution, ensuring thorough erasure and verification.

Furthermore, these degaussers seamlessly integrate with intimus 360 Crusher and intimus 360 Destroyer. These devices physically destroy SSDs and hard drives, including media and internal components, by bending and breaking them. This combination ensures compliance with the most stringent security standards.