Office Shredders (Media)

Product Overview

Destruction of digital media directly at the workplace:

The intimus media shredders for office environments are a real step forward when it comes to the safe and efficient disposal of digital media in the workplace. One outstanding benefit, is the remarkably quiet operation in the office environment. Unlike other shredders, which can disrupt the workplace with their loud and distracting noise, intimus shredders provide a quiet and productive atmosphere, even during heavy media destruction tasks.

intimus media shredders for the office fit easily through any standard office door thanks to their compact size and can be operated from a standard power socket.

This means that digital media can be destroyed directly at the workplace. In today's digital age, the need to safely dispose of sensitive electronic media has become increasingly important. With the intimus media shredder you can safely and conveniently destroy CDs, DVDs, credit cards as well as SSDs, USBs and even mobile phones directly at your workplace. This not only increases security, but also streamlines the disposal process and saves valuable time.