intimus FlashEx

intimus FlashEx

Flash media shredder for office use

Up To 25

Up to 25 users

E-3 | T-4 | O-3 | The intimus FlashEx destroys flash media such as SSDs, smartphones, tablets and USB devices direct at the workplace without the risk of external loss or theft.

USB Sticks
CDs DVDs Blu Rays
Floppy Disks
Plastic Cards
SD Cards

Shredding material:

  • SSD
  • Smartphone (without battery)
  • Tablet (without battery)
  • USB stick
  • CD / DVD / Blu-ray
  • Floppy disk
  • Plastic card
  • SD card

intimus FlashEx is the first shredder developed specifically to destroy digital media in an office environment. This innovative product operates on standard power, eliminating the need for specialized power sources like those required by industrial shredders. Unlike industrial shredders, which demand dedicated areas in your facility due to noise and dust, our intimus FlashEx is conveniently "plug and play," adaptable for use anywhere in the workplace.

Featuring a specially designed solid cutting head with claw-like cutting cylinders, the intimus FlashEx efficiently pulls material into the unit for destruction. It automatically reverses on thicker materials until items are completely destroyed into 4 x 15 mm end waste particles. The intimus FlashEx also incorporates an Auto Safety feed opening, ensuring operator safety while allowing them to monitor the destruction process through the viewing window.

The intimus FlashEx offers two options for inserting media to be destroyed. Small devices such as smartphones, USB sticks and SSD drives can be inserted through the aluminum flap at the top of the device. To shred larger devices, slide on the acrylic glass lid and place the device vertically on the cutting shafts.

With its i-control operation unit, the intimus FlashEx guarantees ease of use and provides operators with full control. It stands as the only safe and reliable solution for protecting and destroying sensitive multimedia and digital formats in real-time within the workplace, eliminating the need for storage and reducing the risk of data theft.

The intimus FlashEx is designed to cater to a variety of applications where a moderate number of devices need to be destroyed.

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  • The 4 x 15 mm particles reach security level E-3 / T-4 / O-3 outlined in DIN 66399 (ISO/IEC 21964).
  • Operates on standard power and securely destroys flash media, including SSDs, smartphones, tablets, and USB devices directly within the workplace, mitigating the risk of external loss or theft.
  • Capable of efficiently managing up to 1.090 SSDs, 500 USBs, 100 mobile phones, 1.500 CDs, 1.000 Floppy disks per hour.
  • Induction-hardened solid steel cutting cylinders guarantee long product life time.
  • Offering maximum user flexibility with large feed opening. 
  • Enhanced mobility facilitated by castors for added convenience, complemented by a sturdy wooden housing and metal top cover.
  • Equipped with a spacious and easily removable 25-litre collection container for hassle-free waste disposal.
  • Featuring intuitive i-control designed to streamline shredding tasks.
  • Enabling effortless media shredding with automatic start/stop function, auto reverse, bin full sensor and automatic switch-off after 10 min.

Area of application
Cutting size media (mm x mm)
4 x 15
Cutting type media
Cross cut
Security level ISO/IEC 21964 (DIN 66399)
E-3 / O-3 / T-44
Shredding material
SSD, Smartphone (without battery), Tablet (without battery), USB stick, CD / DVD / Blu-ray, Floppy disk, Plastic card, SD card
Waste disposal solution
Removable plastic container
Intake width media (mm)
SSD up to 1.090 units/h
USB up to 500 units/h
Smartphone up to 100 units/h
CD up to 1.500 units/h
Floppy disk up to 1.000 units/h
Bin volume (l)
Continuous Running
Noise level (idle operation) dB(A)
Motor power consumption (W)
Power supply (V / Hz)
230 / 50
Other voltages available
Product dimensions W x D x H (cm)
58 x 61 x 98
Product weight (kg)
Control operation
Visual status indication for ...
Ready, Material jam, Door open, Safety glass open, Motor overload, Bin full, Oil needed
Automatic start/stop
Automatic reverse
Automatic switch-off
Automatic switch-off after x min
Safety features
Not possible to operate if door open/safety glas open/bin full, Safety glass sliding door
Bin full sensor
Material machine housing
Wooden housing, Metal top cover
Material cutting blades
Induction-hardened solid steel
Made in Germany
Certificates / Listings

4 Except from magnetic tape cassette with metal core.