intimus Crusher

intimus 360 Crusher



One of the fastest and lightest hard drive destroyer listed on the NSA/CSS EPL. Engineered to tackle modern technology challenges, its enhanced crushing capabilities obliterate hard drives, including the latest helium drives, in under 20 seconds.


Crushing material:

  • HDD

Listed on the NSA Evaluated Product List for hard drive destruction, the intimus Crusher exerts over 10 tons of force to bend, break, and mangle hard drives, ensuring complete data destruction. Capable of destroying up to 1,800 (2.5 in) and 360 (3.5 in) hard drives per hour, it offers rapid and efficient operation.

With the optional intimus SSD module, it can also destroy solid-state media, flash drives, USB thumb drives, mobile phones, and SSHD controller boards. The intimus Crusher can crush multiple drives or one helium drive at a time, completing the destruction process in under 20 seconds.

Its robust crush chamber is designed to withstand enterprise use, while its quiet and office-friendly design, free from hydraulics, ensures a comfortable work environment. Featuring one-button operation and safety features, this device is easy to use, providing peace of mind for secure data destruction.

Meeting the NSA/CSS Evaluated Products List requirement for Hard Disk Drive Destruction Services, the intimus Crusher operates as an NSA-listed Second Stage Hard Drive Destroyer when paired with intimus' NSA-listed 20000 S degausser.

For those not needing NSA level degaussing, the intimus Crusher can be paired with intimus' high-volume 9000 S degausser or our economical and fast 8000 S degausser.

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Area of application
Crush force (tons)
Crushing material
Security level ISO/IEC 21964 (DIN 66399)
Dimensions media slot W x D x H (mm)
123 x 172 x 57
Cycle time (sec)
Capactiy per cycle (units/cycle)
8 Laptop hard drives
2 Standard 1'' hard drives
1 Full-height hard drive
HDD 2.5" up to 1.800 units/h
HDD 3.5" up to 360 units/h
Power supply (V / Hz)
90-250 / 50-60
Other voltages available
Product dimensions W x D x H (cm)
19 x 47 x 38
Product weight (kg)
Safety features
Door safety switch: operation stops if door is opened
Certificates / Listings