intimus Disintegrators

intimus DIS 300/450




With a rotor diameter of 300 mm and a working width of 450 mm, the intimus DIS 300/450 disintegrates a wide range of materials at the highest security levels.

Paper With Staples
CDs DVDs Blu Rays
Floppy Disks
Plastic Cards
Paper With Staples And Paper Clips

Shredding material:

  • Paper
  • Paper with staples
  • CD / DVD / Blu-ray
  • Floppy disk
  • Plastic card
  • Banknote
  • Paper with staples and paper clips

Disintegrators play a crucial role in meeting the escalating global security requirements for destroying sensitive data, especially as these demands necessitate the destruction of increasingly smaller data media. This technology is particularly valuable where standard shredding methods fall short, offering the capability to shred a diverse array of materials into tiny particles or granules. With the capacity to adjust security levels from P-3 to P-7, disintegrators meet the highest security standards for industrial users, government agencies, and banknote printers, all while ensuring efficient throughput. Interchangeable screens provide unparalleled flexibility, enabling immediate adjustments to security levels. Long-term partners include central banks, security printers, intelligence agencies, the military, and other government entities worldwide, along with industrial and waste management clients.

The intimus DIS 300/450 model is ideally suited for reliably and economically shredding paper and plastics, encompassing documents, banknotes, passports, ID cards, magnetic data carriers like smart cards or floppy disks, and optical data carriers such as CDs or DVDs.

  • Disintegrator cutting sizes and security levels depend on screen perforation, allowing intimus disintegrators to quickly adapt to security requirements.
  • Screens available in P-3 to P-7 security levels, meeting even stringent NSA standards, manufactured from thick drilled steel plates for maximum durability.
  • A large number of screens designed for maximum throughput with optimised hole spacing and geometry.
  • Generous working width to accommodate different paper and computer formats with ease.
  • Clearly laid out control panel with safety concept and protection device for easy operation.
  • Material is fed into the shredding chamber from above and cut between the rapidly rotating rotor blades and fixed stator blades, producing particles of varying shapes and sizes.  
  • Solid steel rotors on high-precision CNC machining centres ensure low vibration at high revolutions, uniform load, and low energy consumption. 
  • Disintegrators feature durable blades made from high quality hardened tool steel, easily replaceable or regrindable by any specialist dealer.
  • Folding top housing and wide opening chassis allow quick access for screen and blades changes.
  • An optional dust extractor conveys particles through the screen into a collection bag, press container, or briquetting press.  
  • Larger models offer optional infeed conveyors, pre-shredders and magnetic separators from intimus DIS 300/450 upwards.

Area of application
20 mm (Security level: P-3, O-3, T-34, E-23)
12 mm (Security level: P-4, O-4, T-44, F-1, E-33)
9 mm (Security level: P-5, O-5, T-54, F-2, E-43)
5 mm (Security level: P-6, O-5, T-64, F-3, E-53)
3,50 mm (Security level: P-7, O-6, T-64, F-3, E-53)
Shredding material
Paper, Paper with staples, CD / DVD / Blu-ray, Floppy disk, Plastic card, Banknote, Paper with staples and paper clips
Intake width (mm)
Rotor diameter (mm)
Possible paper formats (DIN)
Number of blades (Rotor / Stator)
5 / 2
Continuous Running
Noise level (idle operation) dB(A)
Motor power consumption (W)
Power supply (V / Hz)
400 / 50
Other voltages available
Product dimensions W x D x H (cm)
124 x 160 x 239
Product weight (kg)
Control operation
Buttons, Touch display
Suction system
Safety features
Emergency stop switch, Lockable main switch
Material machine housing
Material cutting blades
Hardened solid steel
Made in Germany
Certificates / Listings

3 Only plastic cards with electronic chip.

4 Except from magnetic tape cassette with metal core.