intimus 200

intimus 200 CP5




P-5 | High speed shredder with sheet capacity of 38 sheets and bin volume of 200 litres

Paper With Staples And Paper Clips
CDs DVDs Blu Rays
Plastic Cards
Floppy Disks

Shredding material:

  • Paper with staples and paper clips
  • CD / DVD / Blu-ray
  • Plastic card
  • Floppy disk
  • Foil

The intimus 200 CP5 document shredder stands as a testament to power, speed, and discretion in document disposal, making it an indispensable tool for secure data destruction in archives or central document destruction centers. Designed to meet the stringent demands of data security and compliance with data protection regulations, this heavy-duty shredder is both a reliable and efficient solution for handling sensitive information.

With the capability to process a wide range of materials, including paper documents with staples and paper clips, credit cards, CDs, foils, and even floppy disks, the intimus 200 CP5 does not compromise on performance. It achieves precise 1.9 x 15 mm cross-cut shredding accuracy, ensuring that documents are destroyed beyond recognition and recovery.

The intimus 200 CP5 is further distinguished by its generous 200-litre bin volume, which is designed for high-volume shredding tasks. The reusable waste bag is mounted on a sliding frame, allowing it to be fully extended from the shredder for quick and easy disposal of shredded materials.

Equipped with castors, the shredder can be effortlessly moved and positioned within any workspace, enhancing its utility and accessibility. This feature, combined with its robust and low-wear metal construction, streamlines the workflow, making the document destruction process both efficient and user-friendly.


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  • The 1.9x15 mm particles adhere to the P-5 security standard specified in DIN 66399 (ISO/IEC 21964).
  • Effortlessly processes 35-38 sheets of 80 g/m² paper, inclusive of paperclips and staples.
  • With a throughput reaching up to 2,303 sheets per minute, it ensures rapid and efficient document handling.
  • Able to securely shred credit cards, CDs, foils, floppy disks and paper, providing comprehensive disposal capabilities.
  • Maintains a serene work environment with a low operating noise level of 55 dB(A).
  • Enhanced mobility facilitated by castors, coupled with a robust metal cabinet base for added convenience.
  • Includes a easily removable metal frame with a 200-litre bag for effortless disposal.
  • Features an intuitive control panel designed to simplify shredding tasks for users.
  • Enables effortless document shredding with automatic start/stop function, auto reverse, anti-paper jam technology, bin full sensor, overheat protection and optional automatic oiler.

Area of application
Feed type
Cutting size paper (mm x mm)
1,9 x 15
Cutting type paper
Cross cut
Security level ISO/IEC 21964 (DIN 66399)
P-5 / O-45 / T-51 / F-2 / E-43
Shredding material
Paper with staples and paper clips, CD / DVD / Blu-ray, Plastic card, Floppy disk, Foil
Waste disposal solution
Metal frame with reusable bag
Intake width (mm)
Possible paper formats (DIN)
Sheet capacity (80g/m²)
35 - 38
up to 2.303 sheets/min
Cutting speed (80g/m²) mm/s
Bin volume (l)
Continuous Running
Noise level (idle operation) dB(A)
Power supply (V / Hz)
400 / 50
Other voltages available
Product dimensions W x D x H (cm)
75 x 55 x 128
Product weight (kg)
Control operation
Visual status indication for ...
Ready, Material jam, Bin full, Door open
Automatic start/stop
Auto reverse
Paper jam protection
Overheat protection
Safety features
Main switch
Bin full sensor
Automatic oiler
Material machine housing
Made in Germany
Certificates / Listings

1 Only floppy disks / ID cards.

3 Only plastic cards with electronic chip.

5 No splash protection - CD and plastic card destruction only with safety glasses.