intimus Degausser

intimus 8000 S Degausser


The intimus 8000 S degausser offers a sleek and portable design, producing a powerful 10,000 gauss magnetic field capable of permanently wiping all data from hard drives and magnetic tapes within just 8 seconds.

Data Tapes


  • HDD
  • Data tape

Destroying hard drives physically, through methods such as shredding, crushing, piercing, or bending, can still leave data intact. The only method to fully erase data from the disc platters of hard drives or magnetic tapes is through degaussing. In this process, the data storage devices are exposed to an intense magnetic field, which greatly surpasses the magnetic force, or coercivity, of the hard disk. This brief yet potent magnetic pulse irrevocably erases the data. Following degaussing, employing physical destruction methods like the intimus Crusher provides tangible evidence that the hard drive has been securely handled and is now ready for safe disposal.

Economical and built to last, this device is perfect for handling non-functioning or outdated hard disks and magnetic tapes, ensuring complete data erasure in a swift 8 seconds. Designed for maximum efficiency, it can erase up to 240 standard 3.5-inch hard disks per hour, making it ideal for environments requiring high throughput.

Operation is straightforward: simply place the media into the drawer, close it, and the degaussing cycle begins automatically, facilitating continuous operation without downtime. Each cycle includes integrated magnetic field monitoring to guarantee safe and complete data deletion.

An LCD display offers real-time verification of the degaussing process by showing the numerical value of the gauss field strength, ensuring the effectiveness of each cycle. The device is designed for global use, easily connecting to standard power outlets anywhere in the world.

Its compact design minimizes its footprint, making it suitable for office environments where noise and space are considerations. Despite its robust capabilities, the unit is portable and lightweight, allowing for easy relocation as needed. Moreover, it's shielded to prevent magnetic radiation from affecting the surrounding environment, ensuring it is both a safe and effective solution for secure data erasure.

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Area of application
Magnetic field (Gauss / Tesla)
10.000 / 1
Charge time (sec)
HDD, Data tape
Dimensions media slot W x D x H (mm)
108 x 149 x 32
HDD 1.8" up to 1.920 units/h
HDD 2.5" up to 960 units/h
HDD 3.5" up to 240 units/h
intimus Auditor-Pro (optionally available)
Power supply (V / Hz)
90-250 / 50-60
Product dimensions W x D x H (cm)
45 x 34 x 15
Product weight (kg)
Certificates / Listings