intimus Degausser

intimus 9000 S Degausser


The intimus 9000 S degausser boasts impressive speed and power. It completely erases all data from any hard disk or magnetic tape in just 3 seconds, utilizing a potent 10,000 gauss magnetic field. Additionally, its extra-large media tray accommodates all common media formats with ease.

Data Tapes


  • HDD
  • Data tape

In the process of degaussing, magnetic data carriers are inundated with an exceptionally powerful magnetic field, surpassing the coercivity of the hard disk. This brief yet intense pulse permanently erases the data without any chance of recovery.

The degauss cycle begins automatically upon insertion of the medium into the chamber, demagnetizing it within 3 seconds. Following demagnetization, the preloading process commences promptly as the medium exits through the slide. Upon switching off the device, any precharged energy is released.

Engineered for optimal and rapid data sanitization of hard disks and magnetic tapes, this device is ideal for both non-functioning or outdated media. It ensures complete data erasure in a mere 3 seconds, facilitating high throughput by capable of erasing up to 450 standard 3.5-inch hard disks per hour.

Featuring an extra-large media tray with a height of 43 mm (1.7 in.), it accommodates a wide range of media sizes, enabling continuous operation. Integrated magnetic field monitoring guarantees safe data erasure during each cycle, with an LCD display providing real-time feedback on Gauss field strength, cycle, and job counts.

After degaussing, utilizing physical destruction techniques such as the intimus Crusher offers concrete proof that the hard drive has been securely managed and is prepared for safe disposal.

With worldwide compatibility to standard power outlets, a compact footprint, and quiet operation suitable for office environments, it offers convenience without compromise. Plus, its shielded design ensures no magnetic radiation is emitted, making it environmentally safe.

Area of application
Magnetic field (Gauss / Tesla)
10.000 / 1
Charge time (sec)
HDD, Data tape
Dimensions media slot W x D x H (mm)
114 x 149 x 43
HDD 1.8" up to 4.500 units/h
HDD 2.5" up to 4.500 units/h
HDD 3.5" up to 450 units/h
intimus Auditor-Pro (optionally available)
Power supply (V / Hz)
90-250 / 50-60
Product dimensions W x D x H (cm)
58 x 33 x 48
Product weight (kg)
Certificates / Listings