intimus Degausser

intimus 20000 S Degausser with AuditorPro


The intimus 20000 S degausser stands as the pinnacle of data destruction capability. Within less than 15 seconds, it thoroughly wipes out all data from any hard disk or magnetic tape using a formidable 20,000 gauss magnetic field. Additionally, it includes the intimus Auditor-Pro system, allowing you to generate an audit-worthy media destruction report while degaussing.

Data Tapes


  • HDD
  • Data tape

In the degaussing process, magnetic data carriers are exposed to an immensely powerful magnetic field, surpassing the coercivity of the hard disk. This brief yet intense pulse irreversibly erases the data.

Listed on the NSA/CSS Evaluated Product List, this device meets the most stringent government and industry standards for erasing hard drive and tape media. It's suitable for non-functioning or outdated hard disks and magnetic tapes, offering complete data erasure in under 15 seconds.

For optimal efficiency, it can erase up to 150 standard 3.5-inch hard disks per hour. Its user-friendly design allows for easy operation - simply place the media in the drawer, close it, and the degauss cycle starts automatically, enabling continuous operation.

Integrated magnetic field monitoring ensures safe data erasure during each cycle, with an LCD display providing numerical feedback on the gauss field strength to verify erasure. It can be plugged into standard power outlets worldwide, featuring a small footprint and quiet operation suitable for office environments. Additionally, it's shielded to prevent magnetic radiation, ensuring environmental safety.

When it comes to data destruction, physical methods such as shredding, crushing, piercing, or bending leave data behind. Degaussing is the only method to completely eliminate all data on the disc platters of hard drives or from magnetic tapes. After degaussing, physical destruction using the intimus Crusher provides visual confirmation that the hard drive has been securely processed and is ready for disposal.

The intimus Auditor-Pro generates a proof-of-erasure and destruction certificate for audit and archival purposes, including date, time, user ID, serial number, and JPG images of media post-demagnetization. A barcode scanner captures the hard drive serial number before the erasure process. The system immediately informs the operator and records the erasure results after each cycle, displaying either a green "Pass" or red "Fail." It comes equipped with a barcode scanner, touchscreen, stylus, and camera for efficient operation.

Area of application
Magnetic field (Gauss / Tesla)
20.000 / 2
Charge time (sec)
HDD, Data tape
Dimensions media slot W x D x H (mm)
108 x 149 x 32
HDD 1.8" up to 1.300 units/h
HDD 2.5" up to 875 units/h
HDD 3.5" up to 150 units/h
Power supply (V / Hz)
90-250 / 50-60
Product dimensions W x D x H (cm)
25 x 63 x 43
Product weight (kg)
Certificates / Listings